Strategic Plan

Objectives/Goals Actions/Strategies Evidence of Achievement Achieved/Not Achieved
I. Update web site 1. Continue work with web master to design new look and keep site up to date
II. Promote Affiliation with Florida College of Emergency Physicians (FCEP) 1. FENA representative to attend FCEP board meeting(s).
2. Invite FCEP rep. to FENA State Council meetings.
3. Serve as a resource for Educational Events
4. Partner as needed on legislative issues relative to ED
III. Promote Culture of Learning 1. Offer 6 ENPC and 6 TNCC scholarships per year.2. Provide chapter leaders orientation program

3. Provide scholarships for BCEN Certification

4. Support FENA committee courses for TNCC, ENPC as needed.

5. Provide input on TNCC revision

6. Advertise chapter educational opportunities on website

IV. Promote Safe Practice / Safe Care 1. Continue with state workplace violence task force
2. Share results of 2012 statewide survey with all chapters when finalized
3. Encourage members to report incidents of violence to appropriate authorities
4. Support legislation to promote safe nursing practice
3. Review topic at quarterly FENA meetings
V. Support ENA Scientific Assembly Conference 2015 – serve as host state 1. Provide volunteer host ambassadors and table
2. Provide maps of immediate area

3. Provide onsite coordinator

VI. Promote awareness of ENA to the public and schools of nursing 1. Encourage chapters to participate in community outreach events such as safety fairs, charity walks, injury prevention programs
2. Invite student nurses to FENA meetings and encourage each chapter to do so
Approved by Executive Board Nov. 2013