FENA Agenda September2017

State Council Board Meeting

January 16, 2018 10AM-4PM

Florida Memorial Hospital

301 Memorial Medical Parkway

Daytona Beach, FL  32174

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2018 FENA Elections:

FENA will be holding election in January 2018 for President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect and Secretary

  1. All nominees must approve their name to be submitted.
  2. Must be a current Licensed Registered Nurse and ENA member.
  3. Must actively participate at state and/or local level.


  • The principal role of each officer is to exercise the duties and responsibilities required by a member of the Board of Directors, as specified by ENA and FENA Bylaws and Procedures.
  • Other roles include but are not limited to:

To serve as a resource to the component divisions within the State organization.

To serve as a representative of the State organization.

To mentor members of the State organization to assist them in the development of leadership skills.

To provide the leadership to the State organization that enables the achievement of the objectives as stated in the Bylaws of ENA and FENA.

To develop and to continually strive toward the achievement of the FENA annual Strategic Plan.

Please send name of nominee(s) to Leona Stout-Demps via the FENA website or click here for Leona’s contact information.

Voting will take place at the January 2018 State Council meeting.  

Per our FENA Bylaws officer’s description:

  1.  President-Elect
    1. To perform duties assigned by the President of FENA.
      1. To accede to the office of President, at the expiration of the President’s term. In the event that the position of President becomes vacant, the President-Elect shall serve for the unexpired term and foot the term for which (s)he was elected.
    2. Treasurer-Elect
      1. To assist the Treasurer in fulfilling the fiscal responsibilities of FENA.
      2. To work collaboratively in meeting the IRS requirements and other FENA fiscally related activities.
      3. To accede to the office of Treasurer, at the expiration of the Treasurer’s term. In absence of the Treasurer, the Treasurer-Elect shall fulfill the role and responsibilities of the Treasurer.

C.  Secretary

I.  To record minutes of the FENA meeting

ii.  To maintain correspondence with FENA members, officers, and committee chairs



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